Don’t intertain my cast iron pot

Although it is still technically summer, and how nice it is for summer to eat fresh fruits and smoothies, the reality is that the beautiful season for cooking and spending time in the kitchen is winter. I am anxious to fight the cold with the oven on and a good stew or a well reduced and tasty stew .

If you feel for the winter like me, I tell you that your best ally in the kitchen is a cast-iron pot, also visit for more . It’s like going back to roots since it’s a tool that’s been used for hundreds of years.Because of the characteristics of iron, the great advantage of using this pot is the even distribution of heat , causing it to become a furnace on a stove. In turn, as they have no plastic parts (some if, eye!) Are suitable to take them to the oven, making any long cooking becomes much more controlled, smooth and even.

The disadvantage is its weight, it is very difficult to handle and wash it since it weighs about 10 kilos empty. Another disadvantage is that cast iron must be oxide care. Before using it for the first time I had to wash very well with a sponge of copper and then grease it and leave it in the oven to form a film that protects it. Anyway, with the same use it is healing. This procedure is very similar to curing sheet metal containers .

If your budget is lighter than mine, come these same wrought iron pots, with an enamel that protects the iron, maintaining all its properties and only needs to pass a simple sponge so that it is ready. 
I bought it in the Chinatown, Buenos Aires, for about 170 pesos.

Here I leave some recipes that I made with my pot of cast iron:

  • Bondiola Brassada
  • Ragú de Osobuco
  • Coq Au Vin
  • Chicken rice
  • Lents’ stew
  • Carbonada
  • Carbonnade à la Flamande

The most interesting TV series that premiered this year

We recommend a dozen current TV shows that deserve to see, with stories that will keep you entertained most of 2015.

TV series must-see

Early last year, Hypertext them we recommended 10 series of television that everyone should be watching , great shows that if you have not yet had the joy of seeing you are missing some of the best stories that have been told and are still counting the small screen. Enough time has passed, and some of these programs have been completed, as it would make recently Sons of Anarchy .Others like The Good Wife can not overemphasize how good they are, and many we were off the list.

To amend the wounds left after that many did not see their favorite shows appear on that list, and to fill the void from which they left, we bring over 10 recommendations. Series that can begin to see right now, great stories that keep anyone glued to the screen for full seasons, the kind that make you forget to eat and bathe, because we know there is no such thing as “too much television”. Everything you need is click here to enjoy, to entertain, to watch tv series online totally free .

Person of Interest

TV series must-see

The undisputed genius Jonathan Nolan , yes, the brother of Christopher Nolan.That which writes the scripts of all films with his older brother, but as the last runs are almost always takes all the credit. Person of Interest is an excellent series that takes a lot of patience from the viewer, then it starts a little slow, It seems a more procedural action and shooting, with Jim Caviezel has the sympathy of a rock. Late in the first season Person of Interest begins to mutate a bit, and when complete, is an amazing and addictive show clearly wants to be good science fiction .

The cast has grown and now has a very charismatic regular cast. Michael Emerson is one of the most important roles in history, and his portrayal of Harold Fich reminds us how great it was like Ben on Lost. Caviezel we gradually grows in the heart, and Amy Acker has a ridiculous chemistry with Sarah Shahi that sparks from the screen every time they appear together. Person of Interest is currently in its fourth season, you know, patience the first dozen episodes, and then a roller coaster of emotion .

The Walking Dead

TV series must-see

A name that hardly anyone has never heard before. The Walking Dead has become one of the best shows on TV today , as history has matured along its 5 seasons, and currently runs is the best of the show without doubt. If you are one of those who believe that The Walking Dead is just blood and guts, the series proves otherwise you along the way.

While you struggle to find their identity, and has a second super loose discourages any season, it is important to give a second chance, why not for better.


TV series must-see

If you like the universe of DC Comics , you’ll feel nothing disappointed with this series. Although the DC film has been more than unfortunate (except for Batman Nolan), on TV it is another story. Arrow is one of the best evidence of this, despite being a number somewhat strawberry The CW is very well written, has action to pull the roof and a protagonist who does not really like the shirts. Arrow does not have great actors, or hyphens for the best drama Emmy, but has a balanced combination of ingredients that make it an excellent series of action that not only enjoy superhéoes fans .

Now in its third season, Arrow is firm and fun. And already it has a spinoff that promises much: The Flash .


TV series must-see

One of the best series of lawyers today , and with the best soundtrack you can imagine. Suits is a great number of lawyers rich with richer clients, and rich issues, which of course should be an underdog and that It is Mike Ross (which I hate, but some want). Harvey Specter is the most fabulous guy who has walked the earth for heterosexuals since Brad Pitt made ​​the sparing of Joe Black, his relationship with Donna and Jessica are two of the non-romantic relationships with more chemistry television, and if between that and the fun of winning cases every week is not enough to hook you always have to Lois Litt and his love for cats.


TV series must-see

An Australian series that I discovered thanks to the kindness of Netflix, which has two short seasons of a dozen episodes each, and I could not stop looking and seeing finished in less than two weeks. Wentworth is the story of several women dams are in a correctional eponymous series. It sounds something like Orange Is the New Black , but all have in common is that both series are treated women in prison, and they are incredibly good.

The cast is excellent, and the main character, Bea Smith gradually becomes a person who never imagined he could be, at Breaking Bad. Wentworth tells the story of desperate women, women who made ​​mistakes, or simply bad women, and everything that happens around them mientra serve their time. Wentworth there are no blacks and whites, and everyone is in a gray morality more than once put the willies. This series is pure gold, and only need the first episode to prove me right.

Halt and Catch Fire

TV series must-see

A great series with a special appeal to geeks. Halt and Cath Fire is a show that shows the history of computing boom of the 80s through the eyes of a visionary named Joe MacMillan, with an air of Steve Jobs I would not remove anyone, and Lee Pace does a great job playing him. On the other side we have the geniuses unable to sell anything, Cameron Howe (the fabulous Mackenzie Davis), and Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) dragged into this company from Joe in trying to reverse engineer an IBM computer, and all the drama that comes with it, in a sort of “Silicon Valley” in Texas.

The Americans

TV series must-see

The Americans is the return to television of Felicity. In this show of Russian spies infiltrated the United States during the Cold War , Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys play a couple who seems ordinary living with his beautiful family in the suburbs of day and night assassinating key members of the US government , infiltrating military installations and stealing state secrets.

The Americans is a thriller action fabulous and secrets, where the Russians speak Russian when they are with other Russian (amazing!), we discover the secrets of wigs for men, and know the most clueless detective FBI history.


TV series must-see

In the above list Sherlock recommend one of the two series is currently transmitted and which are based on the adventures of Holmes. Because I could not go a second time without mentioning Elementary , that other show whereWatson is female and is interpreted so great for Lucy Liu and her fabulous legs.

Elementary is a fairly classic procedural, and although there is something new to solve in every episode, the show will not forget at the same time developing his characters, especially the relationship between Watson and Holmes (played byJonny Lee Miller, who Fans forgive me Cumberbatch, but it has nothing to envy ). In this version, Holmes and Watson meet when Sherlock tries to overcome his addiction to alcohol and drugs, and Watson ex surgeon now stands as a counselor, she moved to live with him to help during the process, while both end up collaborating with police New York solving cases.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom

A short but substantial series that just finished his third and final season. Aaron Sorkin does a great job on the small screen to take turns and pirouettes of fabulous and incredibly well-spoken team producing a news program whose host is Jeff Daniels. The Newsroom is criticism and mockery of American society, and at the same Time is just a good fictional TV show, intricate dialogues with the actors spit in less time than the capacity of natural human lungs oxygen allowed.

They are only three seasons, but each chapter is epic and passed in the blink of an eye. A safety pin.

Mad Men

TV series must-see

A formidable series will reach its final end this year , if ever you have decided to see it and do not understand what is their love for her everywhere, Mad Menis a show that seems to have been written for while taking drugs. History sometimes seems to go anywhere, and sometimes makes all the sense in the world. Full of metaphors, symbolism, and full of whiskey glasses, Mad Men is one of the best and biggest casts a single series has ever been able to put together.

7 seasons we have seen Donald Draper and company live the ups and downs of the advertising industry in the United States during the late 50s and early 60s, with all the post-war hangover, drugs, alcohol, rock and roll, sexism, and chimneys smoking in public places you can imagine. Simply adorable.

Create your photo booth at home

Summer came and with it, the sequence of events: the good weather, holidays, travel and … paperwork. And, taking advantage of the summer, many are forced to renew their documents to leave the country in search of adventure in September to tell your friends and colleagues. One of the things that gives laziness in this bureaucratic process is having to go to a photo studio or photo booth hire melbourne to take stringent ID photos . You know that in almost all official documents required to go into photo count six months old or less so, unless that you have piles of cards to upgrade quickly, usually a futile expenditure.

Now is when you ask: ” Does my computer also can help me these pictures for less money? “And the answer, with a little ingenuity you will also have your photo booth at home. There are three aspects that you should look out for this: the camera and the printer software you use

The camera

For taking the picture, simply a digital camera or a webcam , because the latter type of cameras, though not of high quality and have flash (except in cases such as the image on the left) are sufficient for a picture of 30mm x 40mm and have programs that use the default brightness of the monitor itself as a makeshift flash.
Photo conditions should, though, be appropriate to what is required in these pictures: Put some distance from a white wall or, alternatively, a sheet of the same extended color or paper surface. The farther you are from the wall, the less hard it will be your shadow and projected it will better photo.

The software

Once taken the photo, the software will help you to adjust the picture size and generate templates for printing. Here are a couple of programs that can be of use for this work:
Passport Photo is an extremely simple operation: select the photo you just took, and according to the photo size you define, delimitarás the visible area by a frame.
The program has few standards and neither is Spanish, but can be customized to the exact size you want to print photos from the template . You can also generate a document that maximizes the size of the page on which you’re printing.
DocPrint still requires less configuration than the previous one, but against it is that before you crop the image to another program . In short, this application is limited to generate the template ready for printing photos, but in this casedoes have predefined sizes for official documents .
Party Booth is the most comprehensive of the three options (similar in some aspect to Photo Booth Mac), because in addition to cutting and preparing the template, make screenshots from the webcam . Therefore, this application is as close to having a photo booth at home and also with passing options animated slide, so you see the result instantly and in an attractive way.

Photo printing

At the time of taking the photo paper passport photos, so common MFPs remain somewhat short. You need to go to more professional solutions to obtain the same results in study.
Photo printers have gained popularity a few years ago when digital photography and finally consolidate its price fell significantly. Today they are not a far-fetched option, for less than 100 euros, you can get a . The models in the series Photosmart HP Stylus Photo and Epson Selphy Canon are oriented to basic needs such as printing ID photos, and paper and maintenance cost is relatively low.
However, for specific cases it is not the best option to print from home. Copy shops and imaging centers to street work with photographic paper of good quality and the price is much lower than that of a photo studio . Also, if you wish, you can order directly printing these images from home . Thanks to applications like Ikatz House , the developer asked integrates with your picture album and becomes a cinch.
You see, there is practically nothing you can do with your computer. Even without these dwellings with curtain, they are useful as what specific emergency, but increasingly for photo …
What do you have like these tricks? What do you know other solutions to save on shooting? 

John Green: “the film”Paper Towns”has improved my book”

In just ten years, John Green has gone from being an unknown to be among the one hundred most influential people in the world by Time magazine

John Green: “La película "Paper Towns" ha mejorado mi libro”

Sales of each of his four novels are counted by millions and, following the success of the film adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars”, has just arrived at the halls “Paper Towns”, also the work of the successful novelist John Green.

“There were many times when I was watching the movie that I thought ‘had to have put that in the book’, look at that in the film, was missing something novel”.

Sles of each of his four novels are counted by millions and, following the success of the film adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars”, has just arrived at the halls “paper towns pdf”, a film that has made think to John Green than in his leap to film his work has even improved.

“There were many times when I was watching the movie that I thought ‘had to have put that in the book’, look at that in the film, was missing something novel”, explains Green EfE in an interview on the occasion of the premiere of the film.

“Paper Towns” is a book that was published in 2008, four years before “The Fault in Our Stars”, but it was the success of the film adaptation of this, which has led to other Green Book will take to the movies.

“The producers and writers are the same of ‘ The Fault in Our Stars’.” I have a collaboration n very open and close with them and any concern that I expressed at the beginning of the project, so that when the script was finished, like everyone.”

A story of adolescence and the first few times, it’s the universe in which the writer moves.

“I like to write about adolescents because they make so many important things for the first time, they fall in love for the first time, they are trying to find out how other people”, emphasizes Green.

“When I was a small child, did not believe really that other persons were not in the same way that I was so obsessed with my own complexity and trying to understand myself that really did not have the mental energy to imagine other people”, accurate.

And that process, growth, which fascinate a writer who has triumphed around the world with only four books: “Looking for Alaska” (2005), “An Abundance of Katherines” (2006), “Paper Towns” (2008) and “The Fault in Our Stars” (2012).

Something that has achieved with simple stories but something dramatic, something very common in the teenage era, in which even the most simple situation can become something that mark a whole life.

“American Scandal” the best film of 2013

The circle of critics in New York (NYFCC its acronym in English) chose ” American Scandal “(” American Hustle “), David O. Russell, as the best film of 2013 , besides granting the award for best screenplay and Best Supporting Actress, corresponding to Jennifer Lawrence . ( Watch Movies Online Free at movie tube).

The film, in which the director of “The Bright Side of Things” and “The Fighter” retells with Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper , is confirmed as a favorite for the Oscars, with its history a group of thugs who flirt with illegality to survive. (In Colombia opens on January 7, 2014).

This group of New York critics recognized Steve McQueen as best director for ” 12 Years of a Slave “as two heavyweights of film as best leading actors: Robert Redfordin the male category, ” All is Lost “starring solo and with little dialogue, and Cate Blanchett as best actress for her celebrated work in “Blue Jasmine” by Woody Allen.

Jared Leto as best supporting actor for ” Dallas Buyers Club “where she plays a transsexual with AIDS; the independent film “Fruitvale Station” by Ryan Coogler as best debut, and the French ” La vie d’Adèle “by Abdellatif Kechiche and winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes for best foreign film, complete the major awards.

In addition, “We Tell Stories” by Sarah Polley, was voted best documentary; “The Wind Rises” as best animated film and best cinematography went to the tape of the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis “by Bruno Delbonnel, documentarian Frederick Wiseman and has been honored with a special award.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” precisely yesterday got the highest award in the Gotham Independent Film Awards, which also recognized Matthew McConaughey as best actor for “Dallas Buyers Club” Brie Larson as best actress for “Short Term 12″ and “The Act of Killing” best documentary.

The road to Oscar 2015 | Best film

Las ocho películas que optan al Oscar

In the absence of only a few hours so that anticipated the 2015 Oscars gala start, Popcorn Time finished the review of the most important nominations with the jackpot: best movie of the year.

After taking a look at the finalists in the sections of interpretation (actors and actresses in the cast, themale protagonists and the female protagonists) and address, are finally going with eight films who choose the Oscar, best 2014 according to the Academy of Hollywood productions, and which of them has more chances to win the prized statuette :

The candidates:

  • ‘Sniper’ (‘American Sniper’)

  • ‘Birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance)’

  • ‘Boyhood’

  • ‘The great Hotel Budapest’

  • ‘ The Imitation Game: deciphering Enigma’

  • ‘The theory of everything’ (‘The Theory of Everything’)

  • ‘Selma’

  • ‘Whiplash’

The forgotten:

Several titles has been missed since they were announced the nominations, like ‘Interstellar’, ‘Loss’ (‘Gone Girl’), any candidate among foreign (usually of higher quality than the spoken English) or animation.

My opinion is that the members of the Academy have not or p * idea of cinema if they considered that ‘Sniper’ (‘American Sniper’), ‘ The Imitation Game: deciphering Enigma’ or “the theory of everything ‘ (‘The Theory of Everything’) are better movies than ‘Foxcatcher’Or more likely: are influenced by other factors when voting (as pointed out George Lucas recently). I imagine that it has caused discomfort that ugly image of United States that Bennett Miller leaves…

The favorite:

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu con el premio del sindicato de productores

‘Birdman’Awards have been handed out for this and ‘Boyhood’, and competition gives excitement to the night, but Inarritu film won awards of the Union of producers, the most reliable in the face of the Oscars. In addition, in most cases has won the film by the Director who has been awarded by the Union of Directors (hence also beat the Mexican Richard Linklater).

What deserves the Oscar?

Los protagonistas de Birdman con el premio al mejor reparto en los SAG Awards

‘Birdman’Missing among the nominees the best American film of 2014, figurine should be for Iñárritu film… but if you give the ‘Whiplash’ or ‘The great Hotel Budapest’ surprise it pleased.

Bachelor’s degree in media and entertainment management

The industry of media and entertainment is one of the fastest growing worldwide. It also makes it in regional form and in our country.

The sectors included are:

  • audiovisual media: television, cinema, radio, etc.

  • performing arts: Theatre and any other manifestation of live entertainment, musical and artistic shows and the industry of music in all its forms

  • Sport

  • video games

  • theme parks, museums and entertainment centers

  • the publishing industry

  • all proposals for communication and entertainment supported by new technologies.

Technological developments and mass communications are generating a crucial transformation. At the same time, there is a strong synergy between the components of industry and external to it sectors.

As a result, there is a demand for more trained professionals in management and the generation of value for companies that perform or own businesses.

In the Bachelor’s degree in media and entertainment management formed by professionals for production and  project management in marketing  or companies related to these sectors, with solid knowledge in each field and able to take a comprehensive view, to play in any of the multiple related areas.

We provide a deep theoretical training and, in addition, including intense practices, because we know that it is in the field of work where are partially consolidate knowledge.

For this reason the race has 220 hours of mandatory practices that develop within the main companies of the sector, with whom UADE has signed agreements. Thus students establish links with the labour market since the beginning of the race.

Graduates will be trained to develop and evaluate products and projects for investment in audiovisual productions and of artistic and sporting events, direct production equipment, know the technical scope and procedures of production, editing and post production, developing marketing policies and analyze the latest trends and formats.

The duration is four years. Students may earn the title of technician in management of media and entertainment by averaging the third-year courses.

Advisory Board of the race:

  • Hernan Estrada: Vice President of marketing and new business for Disney LATAM.
  • Fabian Scoltore: Director General Ideas of the South.
  • Lucia Suarez: Consultant in audiovisual content
  • Luis Puenzo: Film director, owner of film stories.
  • Alberto Arebalos: Communications consultant. Former director of communications at Google and Facebook.

Why study management of media and entertainment at UADE?

• It is the only college career that prepares you as a professional for the production and management in Television, Radio, shows great artistic, music, sports, digital media, publishing industry, theme parks, etc.

• Provides tools to develop business in a huge growing local and international industry.

• We have an Advisory Council of Notables and agreements with companies in each of the sectors.

• We ensure the realization of compulsory internship. We made them in companies, events, producers and all those areas related to the show and entertainment both in the private sector and the public.

Original ideas for a holiday camp

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento

Simple and peaceful decoration for a very authentic sweets table…

The children love to go camping. At home, as I have already told some time, try to do one a year to inaugurate the spring season and break the routine of the course in the winter… and is a weekend where we forget everything and had a pump! As well, has been a pleasure to find this holiday camp with original ideas and without spending a fortune on decoration… Rather note the efforts of parents to organize games and activities for kids fun that make this holiday an unforgettable moment: a fire, a small camp with mini tents of truth for the night after watching a movie of animation, ny sleepaway camps, camp information, teen camp experts…

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento 3Felt snaps I love handmade as well as the decoration of the cake simulating mountains!

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento 2The children found small handmade felt brooches to wear during the day of camping… what a surprise!

But if you look we have opted for a very simple table utensils (white green, covered dishes).Everything has a clean, calm and natural look that seems to put us in peace with nature…

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento 4The felt brooches for the lapel of the small scouts are on snack dishes lit on an original display of cardboard…

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento 5You can not miss the bonfire at the party camp!

Ideas muy originales para una fiesta campamento 6The night more fun…! (some parents we become also:)

The 10 most expensive cars celebrities

Having the most expensive car care for celebrities? Apparently not for David Beckham . Nor cared that his Rollys-Royce Phantom Drophead is the slowest in terms of top speed and acceleration time between the 10 best cars of celebrities . Maybe for the English player class and style is what counts. You can not get a “family car” classier than Beckham, who leads her children around Beverly Hills in his Phantom.

The 10 most expensive cars in the world owned by celebrities Photo: Alex Hillsberg

The 10 most expensive cars in the world owned by celebrities

Photo: Alex Hillsberg


But rap stars and Bugatti are among those leading the first half of the list of celebrities with more expensive cars. Jay Z, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, The Game, and Birdman may have different styles of rap, but have a common taste for one of the most expensive cars in the world: Bugatti Veyron . It is also the fastest in the list with a car top speed of 254 mph .But before you think that the Bugatti is only for rappers, Simon Cowellhas one, too.

By the way, we could not help but notice that no female celebrities in the top ten. Pink Bentley of Paris Hilton started thirteenth place with a price tag of $ 285,000. What happened to gender equality? Does the empowerment of women? ¿Girl power?

Recently, conducted an analysis on how the increase in sales of luxury cars this year, the stock market and house prices are clear indicators of good economic times.

7 lawyers stars of Colombia

7 lawyers stars of Colombia


The classification was made by the firm Chambers and Partners based on customer satisfaction and effectiveness in court. This firm specializes in the legal market and identifies the best lawyers all over the world since 1990. The head for Latin America is Andrés Jaramillo, a Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton for the Javeriana who led the study.

A lawyer star for each specialty was chosen. The selected part of the big firms and, while not appearing are known to those in charge of the processes.

These are the 7 chosen:

Fradique Carlos Mendez. Specialist banking and financial / Brigard and Urrutia issues.

Alfonso Miranda Londoño, Specialist in business competition and antitrust / Esguerra Barrera Arriaga

Eduardo Zuleta. Conflict resolution specialist. / Gomez-Pinzon Zuleta

Francisco José Mafla. Specialist in foreign trade and international law / Brigard and Urrutia

Nicolas Potdevin Stein. Specialist trade / Gomez Pinzon Zuleta

Carlos Alvarez Pereira. Specialist industrial disputes / Aesca SA

Alfredo Lewin. Expert in tax / Lewin issues and Wills

Fandiño Ricardo De la Calle (Gómez Pinzón Zuleta) and Juan Fernando Gaviria (Prieto Carrizosa).Banking and financial issues.

Claudia Barrero (Prieto Carrizosa) and Ricardo Fandiño Street (Gomez Pinzon Zuleta). Capital market experts.

Emilio Archila (Archila Lawyers) and Gabriel Ibarra Pardo (Ibarra Abogados) Experts in conflict management in commercial competition and antitrust law.

Jaime Herrera (Posse Herrera Ruiz) and Alejandro Linares Cantillo (Gomez-Pinzon Zuleta) Expert corporate issues.

Ramiro Bejarano, Independent lawyer, Nestor Humberto Martinez (Martinez Neira) and Hugo Mejia Palacios (Palacios Lleras) Experts in conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Camila de la Torre (De la Torre & Monroy), Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo (Salazar Pardo and Jaramillo) and Andrés Ordoñez Ordoñez, Independent lawyer. Experts in conflict management with insurers.

Juan Pablo Cadena (Brigard & Castro), Alvaro Ordoñez Correa (Baker & McKenzie), Ernesto Rengifo (Garrido & Rengifo) and Felipe Rubio (Rubio Oramas and associates). Experts in intellectual property and copyright.

Ramiro Araujo Segovia, independent lawyer and Andres Forero (Forero Medina y Asociados Abogados).Experts in foreign trade.

Carlos Hernán Godoy (Godoy Córdoba) and Juan Pablo Lopez (Lopez y Asociados SAS). Labor experts.

Jorge Di Terlizzi (Prieto Carrizosa), Diego Muñoz Tamayo (Muñoz Tamayo and partners) and Carlos Umana (Brigard and Urrutia). Expert consulting projects.

Juan Manuel González (Pinilla Gonzalez), Juan Carlos Rocha (Prieto Carrizosa) and Fernando Trebilcock independent lawyer. Experts in real estate matters.

Wells Paul Cahn Speyer (Cahn Speyer Paredes) and Mauricio Piñeros (Gomez-Pinzon Zuleta). Experts in tax.

Sergio Michelsen (Brigard & Urrutia), Luis Felipe Barrios (Gutierrez Barrios Vélez) and Alfredo Fajardo (Fajardo Tovar y Abogados Asociados) experts in media and communication technology.

Celebrity mansions in Malibu, California

Good, here I leave some photos of some famous mansions on the beaches of Malibu, California.
I hope you enjoy it

Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California

John Cusack




This property recently was in serious danger as a series of fires that broke out in the area.mansionesCine

The beach house has three floors, a nice back deck and form of construction is typical for these areas: narrow and tall, battered wooden pillars. With its tiled roof resembles a colonial house, although the design and location away this be. By contrast, sports a modern structure with large windows.



The house has a spectacular beach “private” or rather asylee (not great), and the property is very attached to their neighbors. A ladder by which drop to the sand shines. Unfortunately we have no data on the inside or what was the cost of the property, but we believe that they should be at least about 5 or $ 7 million.malibuMansiones de famosos en Malibu, California


Cindy Crawford



The actress has not been deprived of anything at his home in Malibu, which has a spectacular ocean view.


Cindy Crawford 42 years old and lives in this luxurious house several stories high with her husband Rande Gerber. It has taken three years to restore and has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.
The price they paid for it exceeds 10 million. It has six bedrooms, a guest house, a beach house with pool and a few other luxuries.



Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California

Barbara Streisand


The huge house or rather mansion is located on the beach in Malibu in California. As shown in the image property is in a kind of not very high cliff. The surrounding trees and nature everywhere, despite the landscape seems to have a very good beach. However sure anyone I could spend the splendid there.


The mansion will cost about $ 12 million and bought it in 1998. Moreover, if this were not enough, he decided to buy the two houses on the sides for better privacy.




Bruce Willis


After the divorce from Demi Moore, the actor spent about $ 6 million in this house. The two-story residence is located high in Malibu. They claim that Bruce Willis is a sea lover and usually can be seen swimming nearby.

Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California

The house shaped department has a great design but the place where it is located is what really matters. See below the spectacular rock with sand. Undoubtedly a pleasure to many.






This spectacular mansion overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It took three years to build and is a sort of hill. On the pictures you can see that below has some neighbors, who have decided to be closer to the water. These other structures are very similar to the one with Bruce Willis in the vicinity.


The mansion was completed in 2002, and its total cost was around $ 10 million.


Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California



Sting (member of the group the police)



The type of architecture is quite unique, with rounded ends. The property is located on the beach and has two stories high. It has large windows to enjoy the view.



The passage to the beach resembles a boat ramp. It is seen that the architect devised a system to keep out the curious.

Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California


Charlize Theron


The property has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and has two floors. The comfortable rear deck shows a small private beach or a well, a common space for use with the locals.



The property will cost about $ 4.5 million. As you can see in the photos the actress changed the roof of the property previously sported red tiles, for a much clearer ceiling.



Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California

Leonardo DiCaprio





Brad Pitt



The property is located in California near Malibu where celebrities usually are installed. It is a huge house with sea view which cost the actor about 18 million. Unofficially could say it is not a property that Brad Pitt is usually inhabits but one of many ways in which the famous distributes its assets.

Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California


As seen in the pictures is a house you could say that it is resting. While it has a plant height at certain points there is a lower floor where you can see a beautiful sea view.




Courteney Cox



The house is off the coast of Malibu, but in 2007 sold it, so now will have the same or more luxurious. But anyway, this bought it in 2001 for about $ 10,190,000, and finally sold for $ 27.25 million. As stated from home: It was a sweet deal!

Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California





Julia Roberts


A huge tennis court stands in the backyard and building is on two levels. The roofs made by are two fairly classic waters.


Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California




Anthony Hopkins



It is not known for being awesome compared to other properties, it is a pretty classic property, two stories, with gabled roofs, and two wings.


Mansiones de famosos en Malibu, California

What really appreciated the actor is seen to be the imposing front garden and the spectacular view of the back.




As Leonardo da Vinci once wrote his Curriculum Vitae

Before being famous, before painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, before inventing the helicopter, and before that draw the most famous image of man, before getting all this, Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, a gunsmith , an expert maker of things that make BOOM.

And like all unemployed, one day I had to sit down to write your Curriculum Vitae, to get an employer. It is then that in 1482, its 30 years old , Leonardo wrote the following page with an interesting list of all abilities. This resumes for dudes sent to Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan.

This is a screenshot of the historical document:

Leonardo da Vinci Curriculum Vitae
[Zoom in ]

While this is very important because, wait until you see the translation into Spanish of what Leonardo put:

A Ludovico Sforza, ruler of Milan.
Illustrious Sir, after seeing and sufficiently consider the evidence of all those who are called teachers and composers of warlike instruments, and since the invention and operation with these instruments are not out of common use I shall endeavor, without prejudice to others, myself understood for excellence, we’ll open my secrets and I am available for their excellence to effect and demonstrate when deemed appropriate those things which partly briefly noted below:

  1. Projects have very slight bridges and strong, which can be transported easily.
  2. I know how to make the siege of land to draw water from the pits and make an infinite number of bridges , rope ladders and other instruments.
  3. If terrain height or force the site and the site could not use a siege, I know make bombs , I know ways to end citadels and fortresses, even if they are built with rock.
  4. Also I have ideas to make cannons comfy and very easy to move , with small stones to throw like a hailstorm.
  5. And if anything happens at sea, I have plans of many instruments extremely useful to attack and defend, including vessels resist the fire of the biggest guns, dust and smoke.
  6. I also know ways to get to a certain place stealthily caves and secret passages, even if it was necessary to pass under a river.
  7. I can build covered wagons (tanks), safe and harmless to those who go behind enemy lines with artillery, and no company of men with guns so big as to make the carts did not fall apart. And behind them the infantry will find virtually unarmed and without any opposition.
  8. Similarly, if necessary, I’ll guns, mortars and artillery beautiful and useful forms, out of common use.
  9. Where it is not possible to use guns, will design different types of catapults and other instruments unbeatable very different effectiveness of commonly used, in short, depending on what the various circumstances dictate, will design artifacts infinite attack and defense.
  10. In peacetime , I think I can give you much satisfaction as anyone else in architecture , with the construction of public and private buildings as well as in conducting water from one place to another.
  11. I can make sculptures in marble, bronze or clay and paints , and my work can be compared to any other, whoever he is.
  12. Also, I would assume the work of bronze horse would be immortal glory and eternal honor of the happy memory of your father and of the illustrious house of the Sforzas.
  13. And if any of the things mentioned someone you pareciesen impossible or infeasible, I declare myself willing to give a demonstration in his park or wherever you want. Your Excellency, whom I entrust all humility.

That fantastic piece of history. And contains no wink or easter egg in your text (as do his paintings), the letter was written with the aim of persuading.

Notice that Leonardo did not mention any of his great works and achievements . It says nothing about painting for the altar of the Chapel of San Bernardo. No mention his long list of bombs built. No quotes his previous work in the studio of artist Andrea di Cione. No, Leonardo says nothing about this, because these are his personal artistic achievements, and neither is a necessity for the Duke. Instead of mentioning all this, your next employer is autovende mentioning exactly what it could do for him.

Leonardo da Vinci is offered to the Duke as a military engineer and informs him that also knows how to paint.

Now imagine the Duke reading all this, imagining these portable mortars and bridges to overcome the enemy. Clearly, reading all this, imagine the Duke victory after victory on the battlefield. And this is the end of da Vinci CV not list your great achievements and history, but sell himself as a commercial cereal full of vitamins and benefits maize, citing what it could do to the Duke.

It is then that even with an age of 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci still can teach us how to find work. ;)


According to wikipedia Leonardo got the job and worked in Milan for 17 years, from 1482-1499 .

Among several vehicles war at this time Leonardo painted the picture of the Virgin of the Rocks for theConfraternity of the Immaculate Conception , and one of his most famous paintings, The Last Supper for the monastery of Santa María de la Gracia .

Leonardo da Vinci painting Madonna of the Rocks
Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

Scientific inventions of Leonardo da Vinci 1482-1499

These are some of lso sketches of Leonardo da Vinci inventions made:

Vitruvian Man: 1492
Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man

Artillery: 1487
Leonardo da Vinci Artillery

Tank: Late 15th Century (1480-1499)
Leonardo da Vinci Tank

Man with flying machine: mechanical wings inspired by a bat, 1488
Leonardo da Vinci Man with machine voladorao

Helicopter: No creation date.
Leonardo da Vinci Helicopter

Flying Machine: 1488
Leonardo da Vinci Flying Machine

[Images from Wikipedia ]

Who will Win the ICC cricket world cup 2015?

There are several people who are asking the question who will win the ICC cricket world cup 2015 and critics have not answered to this yet. This is because the critics are undecided between the teams playing in this ICC world cup 2015. There are certain teams which possess the potential of snatching the world up and rocking the event. But in truth, no one knows that when and who can turn the tables. It has been pretty unpredictable game and upsets are happening on the frequent basis. Therefore calling someone by name as a favorite to win the cricket world cup seems pretty unfair.

queerframe cricket

The teams are all packed up. They are ambitious and all have their eyes on the trophy. No one wants to lose and players have promised to leave no stone unturned in their attempt of winning the world cup. The matter of fact is that everyone is working so hard and no one wants to suffer from any kind of the pain of losing. All players are looking to give best performances and people are having high expectations. There are game changers in almost every side and all people are working on the paths that will lead them to victory. Captains are sitting back with experienced players to make out strategies. This has made it very tough to answer that who will win the ICC Cricket world cup 2015.

The town has been buzzing this month and everyone is talking about the world cup. The squads have been decided and players are aware of their roles pretty well. Almost every squad has a game changing player. Every team has such a player that can win a match the single handed. There were recent series and matches which told how much well prepared the teams are. Everyone was having a single wish, a single goal and that was to win the ICC world cup of 2015 and give people something to cheer. There are in-form players for each team that has shown how good they are when their time is on. Furthermore, the batting and bowling have been improved and this generation of players has taken it to a higher standard. The competition among the players has been increased. Battles will take place and no doubt these are expected to be fierce. The fans are hoping to fill the grounds for the main event and organizers are also very confident that a sea of people will come to the matches.

It is hard to reply to the question that who will win the ICC Cricket world cup 2015. If we take a look onto the squads no matter which team is it either its SA, WI, Pak, Ind, Aus whichever team is it we will see that the pack has ability to take the trophy to their home. The game of cricket has become more unpredictable. Big guns may be ruled out by smaller ones. No one knows what will happen and when will happen. All we can say is the team which will play as a single unit and fight till the last breath will achieve the success.

Why Keanu Reeves is upset with Hollywood studios?

The major film projects are divorced from Keanu Reeves .

The actor, who was seen in a movie studio for the last time in the box office flop 47 Ronin Universal Pictures, told Indiewire you would like more offers from Hollywood studios.

“It sucks,” said the singer of 50 years, who also noted that “the last film I did was study 47 Ronin , but before had been a long time, probably since The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) “.

LINK : Keanu Reeves to star willing third of Speed

The star of The Matrix said he has always enjoyed doing independent films, but acknowledged that “a good amount filmmakers working on studio films” and therefore would like to have more balance between both types of productions.

Since The Day the Earth Stood Still , Reeves has appeared in a number of funded projects independently. Such is the case of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee , Henry’s Crime , Generation Um … and Man of Tai Chi .

For now, the actor returns to the big screen as a murderer who suspends his retirement in John Wick online, an independent film that was picked up by Lionsgate.

10 famous who studied engineering and did not know

ngineering is one of the races that is reputed to be very difficult, and the truth may be hard to believe that these celebrities were in a faculty of engineering but it is reality

If you know other famous who studied engineering can you tell :)

1. Ashton Kutcher


Kutcher attended the  University of Iowa , where he majored in  biochemical engineering  (but not receive any title), motivated by the desire to find a cure for his brother’s heart ailment. In 2013 the highest paid actor on US television,  Ashton Kutcher, has been hired as an engineer by technological Chinese multinational Lenovo  to develop its new line of tablets Yoga while conducting promotional efforts , according to the company revealed.

2. Cindy Crawford


Crawford won a scholarship to study chemical engineering at  Northwestern University , which he attended for a quarter of its length, leaving it to fully pursue her modeling career

3. Juliet Kakish

Jennifer Garner

Graduated in 1990 by George Washington High School in Charleston, where he also studied saxophone. Enter at Denison University (Granville, Ohio) for studies of  chemical engineering , but was changed to  Performing Arts . In 1994 he continued his studies at the National Theater Institute in Waterford, Connecticut

Download free numerical methods for dynamic analysis

4. Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren

He graduated at the Vietnamese Royal SVI where he attained the rank of master in vòng bi công nghiệp . A year after graduation he was awarded a scholarship in mathematics, the Fulbright Program at MIT and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983

5. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

He studied at  Durham Choristers School  , St. Bees School, and at the universities of  Oxford and Newcastle , where he graduated in  Electrical Engineering . Later he got a master’s degree at Queen’s University . Since I was in school doing his companions laugh with funny faces

6. Pitbull


Although you do not believe and not enough, the course interpreter at the College of Engineering , but seeing that this race would not be famous or noted, decided to focus on music

7. Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

He studied at the Colegio de San Ignacio and the School of Engineering and Navigation London (mechanical, electrical, acoustic and navigation). Later he was an art student at the University of London. Start working as  an engineer in the telegraph company Hanley  and then the London branch of the signing of  Hollywood Famous Players Lasky  hired as a designer subtítulospara silent films between 1919 and 1922

Download Free Lines and Electrical Engineering

8. Jimmy Carter 

Jimmy Carter

Former President of the United States Jimmy Carte r, studied at Georgia Southwestern College (now Georgia Southwestern State University ) of Americus and Georgia Institute of Technologyof the state capital, Atlanta, between 1941 and 1943. Then, in Ecuador of the Second World War, was admitted to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, laying graduated in 1946 from Naval Engineer

9. Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard

At 16,  Howard  emancipated from their parents and, at 18, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting . Terrence had begun studying chemical engineering at the Pratt Institute in New York, but dropped out when he was called to work on the series “The Cosby Show”

10. Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga

Mexican actor Fernando is the son of the engineer Fernando Colunga and Margarita Olivares. As a youth, he began to study civil engineering , had a hardware store, was dealership, he worked asadministrative and tender, but always intended to be an actor

What is the fast weight loss secret of the famous? It is Lipozene

Last year, one of the most popular search terms on Google and Yahoo was Paris Hilton.

A quick review of the top 500 searches last year reveals questions about other celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Tara Reid, Shakira and Tyra Banks. Why are the stars so fascinated with people?

One of the reasons we are interested in the stars is because they simply seem to have some magical ability to lose weight without any effort.

There are thousands, even millions, of people trying to figure out how the famous manage to lose weight quickly and easily when for us it is very difficult.

The famous look so good that many of us wonder if the stars have the best weight loss program that is in the world.

We can imagine celebrities like Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, gathered somewhere, sharing between them the best hidden weight loss secret, and the best weight loss products that nobody knows, and thus achieve rapid weight loss without effort.

The famous have some advantages that helps them lose weight faster

Although we doubt that the stars have a secret group, where they learn about tips for diet and weight loss plans, it is true that celebrities have some advantages that we do not know in regards to diet and weight control .

famosos delgadosFor example, the stars usually have more time than you and I available. For example Jessica Simpson makes up two hours of exercise, six days a week to prepare for her role as Daisy Duke.Few of us have the time available to exercise a week.

Celebrities also have more money than many of us meaning you can pay all slimming products they want to buy and pay a specialized loss program for your body weight.

Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Pamela Anderson and other celebrities have the money to hire personal trainers and personal chefs, giving them a clear advantage over others.

Apart from the advantages of having more time and money to help them achieve rapid weight loss, do not they have the famous tricks for fat loss?

Try for example Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Madonna or, if they have some secret diet pill like Lipozene or do not use any pills then how achieve these results?

The famous secret to lose weight fast

The secret to lose weight simply that celebrities have used is that there is no secret!

The stars may have more money and time than us, but your information to lose weight is exactly the same as we have.

famosa perdiendo pesoWith very few exceptions, celebrities look better with a healthier diet and more regular exercise to lose weight.

It is true that some stars have used fat burners, weight loss drugs, diet patches or even weight loss surgery but for the most part, celebrities work hard to achieve natural weight loss through exercise, diet and nutrition.

What celebrities and famous have managed effectively lose weight?

  1. Jennifer Aniston is a great example of how celebrities are able to maintain a healthy weight with exercise.
  2. She removed a lot of weight and got a better toning doing Budokon (a combination of martial arts, yoga and meditation) and doing yoga three times a week.
  3. Lindsay Lohan regained her curves when hiring a personal trainer Justin Gelband to direct your workouts three times a week lifting weights, cardio, pilates and abs.
  4. Another great example of a celebrity who has made diet and exercise to achieve its beauty is Jessica Alba, eating several small, healthy meals a day. She also goes to the gym five days a week, with (among other things) circuit training.
  5. Many other celebrities have done fad diets, have taken strong slimming drugs, prescription diet pills, slimming patches and other tricks for fast weight loss, and others have chosen instead to follow a weight management plan reasonable that emphasizes a low calorie diet and regular exercise.
  6. Rebecca Romijn exercising in a gym every day with her boyfriend Jerry O’Connell.
  7. Ben Affleck complete a workout at least six times a week.
  8. Matthew Perry and George Clooney have also lost weight recently (8 kilos and 15 kilos of Matthew George), focusing on exercise to lose weight.
  9. Another success story in losing weight can be found by searching new mothers and their famous tactics to lose stomach fat.
  10. Heidi Klum recently said he was back to get a slimmer body with a combination of two things, 90 minute workouts four days a week and protein shakes to replace meals.
  11. Denise Richards managed to lose weight after childbirth exercising an hour a day and a restricting calories to 1,500 a day.
  12. After the birth of her son, Britney Spears followed a healthy diet to lose weight by replacing fried food I ate every day low calorie vegetables.

How can we copy the way to lose weight of celebrities?

Celebrities do not have the secret to losing weight, they also work very hard to achieve, the best way to reach our ideal weight is a diet with regular exercise and follow a good nutrition, for example Strive Health.

We will probably never have the amount of time and money they have many of the stars, and because of this our journey to a more beautiful body can take longer.

But time does not mean it’s harder or that they have the secret to losing weight, you know the same as them and therefore should exercise and follow a diet like them to lose weight.

Celebrities and their mental health problems

When it comes to celebrities can be difficult at times to indicate if the celebrity has a real mental illness or simply they are playing in the press and the public. Although sometimes these mental illnesses that occur in celebrities are real; and seek help in coping with their problems. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have mental illnesses. Brittany Spears: Spears is one of the most recognized stars who suffer from mental illness. She has never been diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia or depression; Although there is a lot of speculation going public and their closest friends. Spears suffered a collapse in 2008 that her children were diagnosed with children ADHD and she lost custody of them. She was institutionalized and received an assessment for different mental illnesses. Jean Claude Van Damme: The movie actor was diagnosed bipolar after doing time in a rehab for cocaine addiction.Considers suicide, but think you should seek help instead. He is now taking a drug called sodium valproate. Race Van Damme was doing many martial arts movies, and says that without such training have gone into a depression that would not have been able to climb out of. DMX: This former rapper now a known methamphetamine addict and has been consumed by drugs and mental illness. He was the only artist who had both her ​​debut album in point number one. The only time he has admitted that his disease is in one of his songs regards himself as manic depressive and extreme paranoia. . Still struggling with these mental disorders and drug problems Halle Berry: Halle Berry suffers from depression; She admitted publicly that she attempted suicide after her divorce from her first husband. After his second marriage he attended a rehabilitation of sex with her ​​husband to try to keep her. . Suffers from low self-esteem that spirals in extreme depression Marilyn Monroe: Monroe was moved from foster home to home in his youth. Even with his past Monroe became the largest and most famous celebrity of his time. Marilyn Monroe suffered from manic depression this started to happen when you started taking arugula health benefits
, had several spontaneous abortions and loss of a great movie. She then entered a mental institution, but was released shortly afterwards and was later found dead two months later after overdose of sleeping pills. Princess Diana: Princess was one of the most influential of his age people. Diana suffered from bulimia for decades that started dieting when someone called “chubby” and then quickly spiral out of control and bulimia. She also suffered from depression. Celebrities hide their illnesses, most of the time, but never forget they are there and even a celebrity can have a mental illness are struggling with.

A Lohan does not like cleaning toilets

A few days ago rumors began on a new placement of actress Lindsay Lohan . And those rumors were right. New treatment for collection. Lohan was admitted last Saturday in clinical Cirque Lodge in Utah. But unlike his previous admissions, it would seem that in this Lindsay has no benefits.

At this clinic patients must make cleaning as part of their rehabilitation program. And other activities such as horseback riding or doing yard work. And so Lindsay touched grab the plunger and get to cleaning toilets installation.

Apparently, the actress does not like to clean it and passes with dark glasses because he sees no good face on the decision to clean your own bathroom as part of their rehabilitation liquor consumption . Instead, she hired toronto cleaning services. Too bad that is not happy, is not it?

Lindsay is one of the 12 patients there interned there, six men and six women, unlike their other international, now she is completely isolated from the world, without access to your cell phone or the Internet . The phone calls are monitored and the use of computers is suspended.

A woman tied to clinical and Lohan revealed the daily activities with patients in the clinic run by Mormons:

6:00 Awakening
6:30 Walk along the river
08:00 Breakfast
8:30 cleanliness Room and platitudes
9:00 Meetings with therapists
12:00 PM Lunch
13:00 Workshops and outdoors
17:30 Dinner
18:30 Meeting with therapists
20:00 Therapy ‘The 12 Steps’
Leisure 22:00
23:00 Lights out

Patients who do not participate in group meetings lose the privileges of luxury snacks like pretzels, Gatorade, cereal bars and beef jerky (dried meat). So if Lohan does not change the bad side, you will lose all these luxuries … haha

The most impressive and luxurious 10 celebrity homes

Oprah Winfrey. The powerful entertainer and entrepreneur media has several properties. Its main home is your field of 16 acres in Montecito, California. The mansion of $ 50 million has eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The property also has a home for visits and construction that is Winfrey’s favorite: the tea house (tea house) where the journalist will read, tea and away from the business.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

His other favorite industrial property is your home in Hawaii.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

John Travolta. The star of Grease is one of the most extravagant of all homes. Your home has a small airport and no one since that’s where he keeps his aircraft and one of them is a Boeing 707. The house is located in Ocala, Florida.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The house called “Jumbolair” overlooks aircraft from the dining room and other parts of the house. On one occasion Travolta was filming in California and traveled daily by plane to work and then return to Florida to be with the family every night.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

Celine Dion. The singer also has an impressive home. On his property in Florida, Dion has a water park. With slides, trampolines, waterfalls and even a tree house to be the perfect place for your kids and nephews.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The house also has a slightly more sober pool overlooking the sea and of course a direct descent to the beach. To keep all this have five wells. The property is valued at $ 20 million.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

Will Smith. The actor has a large property with his wife Jada Pinkett and her children. Located near Mauritius, the Mauritius villas to rent has a tennis court, a basketball court and three holes to play golf.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The estimated $ 20 million house has a pool and also its own private lagoon. The building has several open spaces to exploit the climate and recording room with the latest technology where the couple’s daughter, Willow, recorded her single “Whip my hair”.

Larry Ellison. The founder of the software company Oracle billionaire has many, many properties. But one stands out as having a tennis court, a house with dressing to make use of that space, a pool and a funicular to go from the terrace of the main house to the pool.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

Apart from their homes in several cities in the United States, Ellison purchased more than 10 houses with entrance to one of the most exclusive beaches of Malibu. Something not easy because each of these properties has a millionaire cost.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian and star of Seinfeld Sell you home quickly in East Hampton, New York.This property of 32 million is on 5 acres and has 24 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. In the fitness center, indoor and outdoor pool, tennis to play bowling, a music room and a tennis baseball.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

Mariah Carey. The singer with Nick Cannon have a mansion in Beverly Hills called Fleur de lys. Super house cost $ 125 million and is one of the most expensive in the United States.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The property has 15 rooms and Italian marble walls. The house has a ballroom, two kitchens, a library and a cinema for 50 people. It could not be less for the diva and her family.

50 Cent. The rapper has tried since 2007 to sell his mansion in Connecticut, but has not been possible. The price at which began selling the house is 18 million.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The property has 52 bedrooms, a living cinema, a discotheque with illuminated floor, a bar and space for DJ. It has a racquetball court, a basketball and pool. It also has a Jacuzzi for 40 people and another jacuzzis more scattered around the house.

Tony Hawk. The professional skateboarder has nothing more and nothing less than a skatepark at home. Park construction cost over $ 100,000.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The sportsman reitró at age 31 ensures that well do what he likes without the fans to follow.

Inside the house there is also an eccentricity, as it spent more than $ 150,000 in video games and a system that any gamer would love to have connected to a giant screen.

Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft could not be left out of this list. The mansion in Medina, Washington costs more than $ 140 million. The house clearly has a lot of technology such as touch-sensitive floors and hidden in every room they feel when each person enters a room speakers and so chose the music follows you wherever you go.

Celebrity Homes

Photo: Agencies

The pool has a system of underwater sound to listen to your favorite music while swimming.The property has 24 bathrooms and an elevator. In addition there are 23 car spaces in the garage.

Photographers, between myth and scandal

Annie Leibovitz received the Prince of Asturias award from Don Felipe

The chroniclers who abuse the iconic adjective referring not have to do it not for certain artists. Between glamor and controversy, we looked at the works and legends that have surrounded six of the leading photographers of our time. 

They spent 18 h of October 25 when Annie Leibovitz arrived at the Campoamor theater in Oviedo to collect the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2013. started remembering, without naming, partner, the late writer Susan Sontag, who preceded her in this same theater ten years ago. The day before, with its compact Canon G16, prints anonymous Asturian bagpipers and decked got along and said he would use the occasion to propose you a portrait of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia.

In his ‘should’: Elvis Presley escaped him. In his ‘having’: was chosen by Isabel II to pose for Buckingham. He immortalized Richard Nixon leaving the White House and the Obama family accustomed to it. And Sting covered with mud. And Carl Lewis in heels. Annie Leibovitz (Connecticut, USA, 1949), who has done almost everything in his career, takes half the world on the retina since childhood: his father was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and traveled from one military base to another. She studied Fine Arts and knew he wanted to be a photographer from you soon. Therefore, in his address to collect the Prince of Asturias, Leibovitz thanked the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ that had ‘ taken seriously, as seriously as a girl could be taken in a magazine photographer of the 70 ‘. 
However, the young woman signed which has been considered the best cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ in 40 years: John Lennon Yoko Ono hugged naked, days before he died . It will be in ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine I began working as official portraitist in 1983, where he gets his most famous photographs: Bruce Springsteen’s ass in a Texas worn that used for the album Born in the USA, George W. Bush with his team after the 11-S, the trio of handsome George Clooney Matt Damon-Daniel-Craig, the first photo of Suri Cruise, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy on a bed … The list of celebrities immortalized by Leibovitz is interminable.
Therefore, one of the best definitions of its significance can be read in Vogue: “Annie Leibovitz is the most famous photographer of our time and photographer of the most famous people of our time”. An artist whose work has been exhibited in . the National Portrait Gallery in London and Washingtonhas three daughters, two minor fruit of a surrogate,and nine books collected his work, one of which, ‘Annie Leibovitz: Life of a fotógrafa.1990-2005′ He has visited Spain in the form of exposure.Mario Testino
The other big celebrity immortalizing just been rightly recognized is Mario Testino (Lima, 1954).When greeted David Beckham during a wedding in England, in April 2011, he could not help noticing that the player medal proudly wore the official of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. At that time, while William and Catherine married, Testino not know that he was about to join the order.Queen Elizabeth II has awarded this year for his “contribution to photography and charity” , both capitalized on the official note of Her Gracious Majesty. The announcement was made ​​public in August and finally, a few days ago, the High Commissioner of Peru presented him with the medal.Mario Testino has a long and warm relationship with Windsor. It started when he was chosen by Diana of Wales for a series of portraits published Vanity Fair in 1997, shortly before his death. Also his engagement photos between William and Catherine, for which session used the same background music Lady Di.

Most of the portraits made ​​to Windsor, including the official Prince Charles, have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. And is that being a photographer Testino began in the capital of the Thames. It came with 22 years, having started studies in economics in their country and with intent to continue them. But fashion is crossed his path.

Still, when he ran out of savings, their beginnings were difficult. He got paid an apartment in an abandoned hospital near Trafalgar Square, putting drinks in a bar first and taking pictures of aspiring models later. For £ 25, including a hair salon and makeup. A striking pink dyed hair in vibrant London punk what became known. His talent and a visit from some publishers Vogue UK the restaurant where he worked, did the rest.

His relationship with ‘fashion bible’, French Vogue, began in 1995. In February of that year signed his first cover and already has 56. In addition, two top owe almost everything are his’ realism luxury ‘as Peruvian style known. This is Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss. The Brazilian, top best paid in the world, rose to the Olympus of fashion because the photographer trusted her and convinced bookers, media and brands of their potential.

Something similiar happened to David Coote – Wedding Photographer Belfast: “Mario took me to a new level of glamor. I think nobody saw me in any way a sexy model before he did. He was the architect of my transformation. Before he came along, I was just a girl grunge aesthetic. He looked at me with different eyes, “says the model. He met Galliano after a fashion, made ​​her cover of Vogue in 1999 and since then, it is common to see them sharing front row. He was their wedding photographer in July 2011.

Two years ago, Taschen published by Mario Testino Kate Moss showing “two decades of extraordinary friendship, and phenomenal glamor.” Peru has published a dozen books.The last, also with Taschen, is the last September: ‘Mario Testino: In your face’. Testino has worked for Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss and Michael Kors. His are the official portraits of Nicholas of Greece, William and Maxima of the Netherlands, Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway and King Abdullah of Jordan.Maybe that’s why the British press calls it ‘the king of real photographers’.

The prolific Testino created earlier this year in Peru inspired capsule collection for A percentage of sales will be donated to the Mario Testino Association (MATE), an institution that promotes art and Peruvian culture and preserves his own work.Returning to his medal, Queen Elizabeth has recognized it professional values ​​and solidarity.

Among the first, is Doctor Emeritus of the University of Arts in London, has the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award , the Tiradentes Medalha Rio de Janeiro, the Order of Merit of Lima and British Walpole Medal of Excellence. In terms of second, in 2008 began operation in the area of AIDS and opened a clinic in Chincha (Peru) with Save The Children, built thanks to the sale of an edition of the portraits he did to Lady Di. Today collaborates with Elton John Aids Foundation, Sargent Cancer Care, Naked Heart Foundation and amfAR.

Richard Avedon 
Richard Avedon (New York, 1923 – San Antonio, Texas, 2004) shares many of the characteristics that define Leibovitz and Testino. It began as a photographer in the merchant navy and says he came to make a hundred thousand portraits of sailors. In the 50s it became fashionable,becoming director of photography for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, perhaps the best of the decade. Fleeing the typecasting, Avedon became involved in 70 on a personal and professional epic: portraying the other side of the American dream. In ‘In the american west’ from 1979 to 1984, includes the tired faces of anonymous individuals from all social.

Richard Avedon also worked for ‘Vogue’, ‘Life’ and ‘Look’ and it’s ‘The Beatles Portfolio’ and the famous portraits of Marlon Brando shaving, Marilyn Monroe among tired and melancholy, Ingrid Bergman thoughtful, Picasso looking at the sky and Malcolm X. The main feature of focus: the neutral background after a masterful command of black and white. Oh, and no smiles. He also managed to break the hieratic of the Dukes of Windsor in 1957. A portrait of Les said he had just run over a dog. Terry Richardson Across the glamor, but no success, is Terry Richardson (New York, 1965). On the agenda of the ‘smartphone’ there possibly as many relevant phone in Testino. However, his style has nothing to do. Terry Richardson has become personal stamp photograph their VIPs with his glasses features. From Cameron Diaz Angela Lansbury, does so with all.

He is the excess. With a past in which there are drugs and schizophrenia, it came to portraying the agony of his mother, so spoiled, though. Richardson has signed some of the most controversial fashion campaigns, such as Sisley, that could be a model lashing the bare buttocks of a boy. His is the cover of Lady Gaga dressed in Vogue steaks and more sexually explicit Miley Cyrus to date . But beware: not all of them amuses Richardson. He has been accused of being a pig or have said they would not work with him more models Mia Rasmussen, Jamie Peck and Coco Rocha.

In any case, the obvious hooliganism Richardson is not incompatible with the talentand work for Diesel, Gucci, Sisley, Tom Ford, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg,Emporio Armani, Jimmy Choo, YSL and published in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar , and V Purple Fashion magazine. His work is collected in seven books, the first is Hysteric Glamour (1998) and last, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson (2011).

Oliviero Toscani
Even if a photographer who seeks controversy as house brand, is the Italian Oliviero Toscani (Milan, 1942). There is no other reason to put before the camera to a priest and a nun as attractive as false giving a kiss, in order to advertise a firm Benetton. Or choose a exmodelo with an amazing anorexia for Nolita. Toscani studied photography in Zurich, has worked for Esprit, Valentino, Chanel and Fiorucci and the photos we could see them in Elle, Vogue, Lei, Donna, GQ and Mademoiselle.
Robert Mapplethorpe
Another great linked to the scandal name is Robert Mapplethorpe (New York, 1946 – Boston, 1989). . His portraits of nudes in black and white made ​​him famous and large doses of explicit sex, reviled It started with a polaroid to portray the most colorful characters of ‘underground’ New Yorker.

That era is his series of singer Patti Smith. In 1978, X Portfolio published with sadomasochistic images, and Y Portfolio, with flowers and still lifes. The first caused no little controversy,including processing the director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, for “obscenity and pornography.” Three years later he published the Z Portfolio, which focuses on muscular black men. It is fair to say that if Mapplethorpe was known for his taste for provocation, reached the summit for its magnificent portraits.

15 famous moms who love their children dearly Dogs  

Celebrities are just like any other person; also go to the store in sweatpants and slippers, eating fast food and even as a child to love their dogs. Do you think your passion and love for your dog has pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable? You can sleep well when you see everything as the famous and glamorous clothes with best vacuums for pet hair is also filled and loaded bags to pick up after their furry children.

15. Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Besides being wonderfully talented and charismatic actress who plays the love interest of Spider Man added to your list of qualities being a mistress loving a Gold Retriever, which was rescued by her from an animal shelter in Los Angeles, California .

14. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

While many Hollywood celebrities are more inclined to have a small dog, Jessica Biel has the best friend a Pit Bull named Tina. The two are so close that you can see in the Instagram Jessica Biel a site dedicated solely to photos of Tina and she called #tuesdayswithtina. Jessica is also stepmother of three puppies from her husband Justin Timberlake called Buckly, Brennan and Billy.

13. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)

Kristen Bell

When we talk about crazy mothers for their dogs, we can not fail to take into account to Kristen, who was pregnant when he once said he was not sure he liked both his son and he loved his dogs. One thing is sure, is that your daughter will be surrounded by love.

12. Rachel Bilson (The OC saw her in)

Rachel Bilson

Undoubtedly one of the mothers more attached to their dogs children, who called on the phone when you are traveling to see if they are good (can not deny that sometimes we also wanted to do the same with our furry).

Sandra Bullock 11.-

Sandra Bullock

No wonder it has earned the title of “America’s Sweethearth” (sweetness Heart of America). Sandra is the mother of three young chihuahuas need and behold its history.Ruby is a chihuahua who was born with only two legs; Poppy, who lost a leg in an accident and was rescued from an animal shelter in Los Angeles, Cal .; and last but not least to Bebe, who has only one eye, and was rescatad a shelter in Long Beach, Cal. Undoubtedly these dogs with disabilities and special needs are highly candidates die for euthanasia in shelters. Sandra Bullock has said that any dog ​​with a disability or special needs are welcome in your home.

Olivia Wilde 10.-

Olivia Wilde

Olivia once commented that your furry friend of 9 years old, “Paco”, was the only boyfriend she needed. Fortunately for her current partner has changed his mind, although we are sure to know that Paco will always be the number one the life of Olivia

9.- Kate Middleton (Princess of England)

Kate Middleton

Recently the royal family posted a picture on networks caused ten million “aaawwwsss”.Yes, yes, we know that William is handsome, and if we know that George (his son) is adorable, but concentrate on the furry member of your family, the puppy Lupo. Lupo is undoubtedly the first child of the royal family, whom he is always seen accompanying Kate shopping or she visits schools often make small children. It is clear that there is no better than a fond mother would her children no matter how much hair they have.

Jessica Chastain 8.-

Jessica Chastein

The famous Broadway actress is never separated from her three-legged puppy Chaplin.Even when they are working for reasons apart Jessica, Chaplin not stop thinking about his loving mother, at excess once Jessica was performing when having forgotten to lock the door of her dressing room, Chaplin decided not to wait and go to find his mother, jumping up her arms in mean function.

Selena Gomez 7.- (Singer)

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez joins our list of loving mothers with their dogs to rescue child repeatedly abandoned dogs, either in shelters or on the street. Even once that I was recording in Puerto Rico when he saw a dog abandoned and needy, at that moment his mother instinct came and rescued the neglect that he was.

Ellen Degeneres 6.- (Driver and comic)

Ellen Degeneres

What mother would not dream of getting married without having beside dogs accompanying their children. This is the case of Ellen and Portia, who are happy with their children and Mabel Wolf.

Vanessa 5.- Huppenkothen (Driver Televisa Sports)

Vanessa Huppenkothen Dog















Photo Source

Vanessa conductive Televisa Sports is a dog lover, her son walks dog Ruffo called very often from her televised sets up in areas of restaurants known as Condesa DF Mexico.Vanessa tweets followed their relationship and love with him, even when he eats his shoes:)

4. Chelsea Handler (Driver and Comic)

Chelsea Handler

The comedian Chelsea shares his great love for his son dog Chunk; so much so that he has created his own account twiter. Chelsea has also teamed up with none other than Snoop Dogg with the company for dog food “dog for dog” donate a bag of dog food to a shelter for every bag sold.

Natalie Portman 3.-

Natalie Portman

Natalie could add to your life a husband and a human child, but for now you just need dog Whiz with his son; undoubtedly a Yorkie, and like his mother takes action in the blood, as has already appeared in “Between Two Ferns” next to Zack Galifianakis.

Katherine Heigl 2.- (Actress Grace Anatomy)

Katherine Heigl

Katherine won his first three breeding dogs, then awareness of pet overpopulation and to take four more dogs rescat0 various shelters. Since then he has made several movements for animals, and has even created her own foundation to rescue animals.

Amanda Seyfried 1.- (Actress)


The relationship of Amanda with her son Finn dog, an Australian shephard is total codependency. It is normal to see in the Instagram photos of Amanda as we show here where there is doubt, Amanda and Finn are one.

And you wearing that kind of relationship with your dog child? Tell us more about your dog as you are with child, and remember, love towards your dog is never too much, and if you look at these celebrities.;)

Top 10 Famous Accountants

The first written evidence of the real existence of the accounts came from Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan monk from the Columbus area. Are part of work, published in 1494, contained the concepts of online bookkeeping services used in Venice in the 1400s.

Truce historical facts, there are several famous accountants who have made a career as an accountant, you will find some interesting surprises on this list.

John Grisham
This well known author is well known for being a lawyer before being author. What is less known is the fact that his first degree was completed in Accounting. It was a few years later that Grisham decided to study in XERO and became inspired to write her first novel.

Kenny Gorelick
This famous saxophone player has completed a degree program in Accounting at the University of Washington. During his studies, he was already a successful musician.

Bob Newhart
This comic got his first job after leaving the Army as an accountant in the city of Chicago. Newhart was creative accounting: when the accounts do not balance, he did swing by adding money from his own pocket. By working as accountant he started developing his craft of acting

Gibby Haynes
It may be hard to believe that the singer of the popular punk band the Butthole Surfers finished his degree in Accounting at Trinity University. He was even named Student Accountant of the Year, in addition to being captain of the basketball team and president of his fraternity. Before founding the Butthole Surfers, Haynes worked more than a year in chatswood bookkeeping services.

Tim DuBois
Although you may not recognize the name at first, it is famous for many of his country songs accountant and is known by his nickname “The Singing Accountant”. He is currently president of Arista Records and taught Accounting for several years.

Walter Diemer
, the inventor of bubble gum worked as an accountant for Fleer Corporation in the 1920s In his spare time, he invented recipe, which eventually led to the invention of the eraser.

Arthur Blank
This famous blacktown bookkeeping services is well known as the owner of the Atlanta Falcons and as the founder of Home Depot.What is less known is that his first degree was in accounting, which has really helped to spend the fortune that founding Home Depot brought him over the years.

The dangers of advertising with celebrities on the Twitter era

The Chanel advertising team may have noticed that the perfume ad starring Brad Pitt, the actor appears in distress due to a probable existential crisis, maybe not exactly a brilliant piece of marketing. The ad, filmed in black and white, shows-meditative and Brad Pitt with beard alone in a room. “It’s a trip,” says crestfallen. “Journeys end, but we continue to tour the world, and we turn to him plans fade; triumph dreams But wherever you go, there you are.. My fate, my destiny, my fortune.”.

The ad went viral, but not for the reason they expected Chanel executives.Ridiculed by the pretentious and esoteric tone, the commercial was parodied by Conan O’Brien on the show Saturday Night Live and “virtually everyone on the Internet,” according to The Huffington Post .

The announcement, however, is only the latest in a series of failures related to celebrities hired to promote a brand-sometimes-but soaring amounts that end up being ridiculed on social media and thereby hurting the brand should be promoting. Sometimes the fault of the marketing campaign; other times, celebrity just ruining the brand message, inadvertently or for misbehavior.

The pace and content of social media has hindered the work of managing brand image, and have a celebrity to be your spokesperson increases the degree of risk involved, notes Patti Williams , a marketing professor at Wharton. “Traditionally, the celebrity involved in the ad and brand relationship ended there,” he says. “Now, calls to celebrities who interact with customers the company in other ways. This occurs through the media of the company or celebrity on your Twitter account or Facebook, for example. The nature of advertising backed by a celebrity is a proposed 360 degrees, and that is the cause of most of the risks. “

Take the case of Jessica Simpson, he would have received $ 4 million to be spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Your participation joke ended becoming second pregnancy due to unexpected, rumors of Simpson-respect on the Internet for several weeks until she confirmed suspicions by Twitter-, hampering plans to lose weight. “In the past, the disadvantages of these collaborations were relatively limited: it could be an ad that did not go well and that was the topic of conversation with friends,” says Williams. “Today, when something goes wrong, the situation does not end the failed ad, the rejection of the message comes to life. Backing celebrity can quickly become the subject of massive joke. Might not permanently affect the brand but can impair short-term. “

The strength of a celebrity

The celebrity endorsement is a marketing tool consecrated. The theory is that if you borrow a little glitter of celebrity, it will make people aware and interested in a certain product. Apparently, the strategy works: a 2011 study published in the Journal of Advertising analyzed the support of athletes and found some brands that generated a 4% increase in revenue (about U.S. $ 10 million per year in the aggregate sales branded products) and a 0.25% increase in dividends.

“Two schools of thought compete for choosing the right celebrity for your brand,” says Barbara Kahn , director of the Trade Jay H. Baker [ Jay H. Baker Retailing Center ] at Wharton. “One of them says to choose a celebrity to evoke positive emotions in the target market. Should be someone with great power of attraction, someone to give that talk, a nice person. The second says you should choose someone who fits with the product or understand some of it. That gives credibility. “

In a way, the rise of the Internet has increased the value of celebrity endorsements. As marketing staff wants to conquer a beautiful share the ability to increasingly shorter attention of consumers, a spokesman of weight can help the brand gain visibility. “It’s hard to win the attention of people in the midst of confusion and commotion,” says Kahn. “It was hard before, but now the situation has worsened. Celebrities, right or wrong, draw attention.”

In the segment of social media, celebrities have more prestige and influence that brands. On Twitter, for example, Justin Bieber has 34.5 million followers, and Oprah Winfrey, 16.6 million. The stars of the reality shows also have impressive numbers: Kim Kardashian has 17.3 million followers, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, six million. Brands, however, even the most popular and trying to convey a “modern” image generally have far fewer followers.Starbucks has 3.4 million followers on Twitter, Rolling Stones and has 2.3 million Gap, 177,000.

No wonder, therefore, that advertisers are increasingly resorting to the strength of social networks and celebrities to attract the consumer. After all, Internet users spend more time on social networks than on any other web site, as noted a report last year Nielson, media measurement company. The report showed that 20% of the time people spend on the computer desktop is dedicated to social channels, and 30% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent on social networks. About 17% of the time consumers spend on the PC it does on Facebook, which is still the mark of Internet and mobile app success in the U.S., according to a report by comScore, specializing in digital business measurements.

Celebrities are valuable to advertisers, but their fans are also important in social media sites, says another study by Nielson. The study found that 64% of U.S. adults online that follow a celebrity also follow a brand, and that the subject is a celebrity that has four times more likely to follow a brand than the average U.S. adult online. The Nielson study showed that these people also tend to give advice and opinions frequently other online consumers.

“The celebrity endorsement acts as a signal or trigger,” says Mark Bonchek, founder of Orbit + Co, company social media strategies for near Boston, Massachusetts. “People are looking for a signal. If they see a celebrity like [endorsing a product], that sends a signal that the product is good and becomes part of the conversation of consumers when they talk about a brand or product” .

Although that kind of talk from client to client it is something that companies want, it is also a risky proposition when you migrate to the digital world: what is said during a casual or around water machine office meeting is very different from what is said in a social network like Facebook, used by one in seven people on the planet. About three-quarters of social media users say they visit social networking sites to know the experiences of others with different brands, Nielson reports. Of these, about 65% require more information on products and services offered by the marks; 53% want to praise a brand and 50% want to express your concern or complain about brands and services.

“Social media allows the consumer to speak with other people, that can be positive or negative,” says David Reibstein , a marketing professor at Wharton. “If you have a good or funny ad, or a celebrity really weight the impact social media can be much higher. However, there is a disadvantage in that too. If your brand gives a false step, or is there a celebrity who is inconsistent or impairs the mark, could have major negative impact [...] ‘There is no bad publicity, “says an old adage. Actually, it is not so. Every company wants people to talk about their brand, but want to do so in a positive or neutral manner. “

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The progress of technology and the rapid pace with which information spreads have hampered the work of enterprises, which aims to ensure that the conversation about your brand is always “positive or neutral.” A famous spokesman gives extra confidence to the brand, says Reibstein. With social media, “the potential of public opinion is greater,” he says. “Just someone kick that exposure to become part of the news cycle 24 hours a day seven days a week during a photo of a celebrity [in an unwelcome situation].”

Like all of us, celebrities also have their weaknesses and errors of judgment.Unlike us, however, these errors of judgment are shredded in detail. When she is “brand ambassador”, that behavior becomes a big problem. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, lost sponsorship from Kellogg after a photo of him smoking marijuana appeared in News of the World . Tiger Woods lost the sponsorship of Tag Heuer, Gillette, Accenture, Gatorade and other companies after it was discovered that he had several extramarital affairs with numerous women. More recently, Nike, Oakley and other major sponsors withdrew their sponsorship of the South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius after he was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp during a domestic dispute.

When celebrity in the news, “social media spend to feed the news cycle,” saysJonah Berger , Wharton marketing professor and author of Contagious: The Secret Behind Why Things Catch On . “Everyone wants to know what’s new and what’s happening. In politics, a hitch goes unnoticed. Ditto in advertising.”

Berger says that the tradition of American artists frontline Sites make announcements about what product do not advertise in the U.S. is old. In Japan, Natalie Portman made an announcement of a product for hair; George Clooney made propaganda Honda and Brad Pitt made an announcement of Softbank. When there was no sharing sites like YouTube social media, those celebrities “did not believe that such publicity would prejudice the heritage of its brand in the U.S., because no one would see at home,” notes Berger. Now, however, “anyone with an Internet connection can see it.”

Social media give celebrities “more rope with which to hang himself,” saysAmericus Reed , a marketing professor at Wharton. “It has leveled the playing field in which people disseminate information, a subject with a mobile is a potential journalist. So any story can hold and last much longer.”

But the mistakes of a celebrity who is endorsing a product is not damaged so needed the image of a product definitively says Reed, who has done research in the area of ​​”moral disengagement”, ie the way in which the consumer justifies supporting a brand whose reputation has been tarnished. “Your immediate reaction is to blame the company for the offense of a celebrity. However, that mistake could harm the company for some time.”

Reed and others say that companies should be well prepared for possible bad behavior of the person who will represent your brand before it’s contaminated. “You should think of it as an opportunity to anticipate the story,” says Reed. “Da’s work today deal with celebrities who are spokespersons of the company.’s Undertaking must be more attentive to what is happening, because rumors of a possible crisis often spread very fast. Many companies have” control rooms Social Media “which monitor the blogosphere and can intervene before something happens. problems can be avoided before they become viral.”

Another challenge arising from the support of a celebrity in the era of social media is the difficulty of creating a perfect marketing message. It is not easy to conceal faults, because “there is always a ‘second release,” says Erik Qualman, Professor of Digital Marketing Hult International Business School.”There are always comments on the ads [on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.] The brand seeks to understand what is being said. Currently, many companies place their ads on YouTube for the Super Bowl a few days before the game. According to the response obtained, analyzed what had the best answer. It’s a smart decision. “

If the marketing team of Chanel had analyzed the situation that way, perhaps the traditional media and social media have not had the opportunity to mock the announcement of Brad Pitt so cruelly. In the past, the company, private equity, managed to leverage non-traditional media with several “short” of her perfume Chanel No. 5 ads lush several minutes long featuring actresses like Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou. The fact that the ads were so well received may have been the cause of massive rejection of the ad with Brad Pitt, Williams says Wharton. “The error was raised by social media. Believe that, ironically, it was due to that Chanel had previously done an extraordinary job in Social Media Management . Their success and acceptance in social media made it more susceptible to failure.”

Confused speech Clint Eastwood at the GOP National Convention last year is another such case, she said. During the speech, Eastwood devoted much time to talk to an empty chair representing President Barack Obama. “In the past, the next day’s newspapers have commented on the fact, and experts had complained. SNL have satirized the event. But with social media, the situation became a meme that took own life, “says Williams. “In an instant, someone created a Twitter account: ‘Invisible Obama’ Social media makes this kind of thing prendan.”.

Applications preferred by celebrities

Instagram becomes the favorite social network famous Colombians. Compete with applications music, photography and fashion, a must in the  smartphones of artists, actors and presenters.

Monica Fonseca @ FonsecaMonica

MYHABIT, Instagram

Lover of gadgets and technology, with 590,537 followers on Twitter, Monica Fonseca confession of an addicted Instagram : “I love to see pictures and express myself through them and MYHABIT is my downfall. Skype and WhatsAppdefinitely. “

MYHABIT is an application for iPhone that provides free access to a wide selection of clothing known designers and clothing daily discounts on major brands.

Sebastian Yepes @ sebastianyepes

Shazam, Tuner and metro station free Loop

“I’m a lover of technology for music and tech lover in cars.  Twitter proves to be a great tool, it’s the things you do not why not existed longer. I remember in the beginning of my career, my way of communicating with fans through mails was now communicating with my fans is more fluid and fast “

“I always keep my phone in musical applications: Shazam to discover new musicians, and underground Tuner to tune the guitar and have the tempo of songs and Loop station free to overlay instruments and songwriting. The last gadget I bought was a launch pad for live music through a software called Ableton Live “

Mabel Lara @ MabellorenaLara


The newscaster Caracol considers Twitter fundamental to reporters today: “It is a wonderful tool interaction, allows the journalist to connect with people, know what they are talking about and what is the real agenda of the country. As a journalist I follow several means of international and national media, opinion leaders and one other star discovered in the network without participating in half or more are tipped off to be recognized that many of us. “

“My favorite app promotion is the model MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Ipadio serving both to record, edit and upload audio and video to record calls on iPhone . And right now I’m in the dynamics of devices and gadgets parenting and motherhood “

This application was reviewed by option to highlight their new video recording system on devices with Android .



With 643,381 followers, Maluma is one of the most active musicians in social networks. “In terms of technology I can not say I’m the most knowledgeable, the truth despite my age has not been my strength, but if I take advantage of it in these times where social networks are dominant and are a very useful tool important to promote anything, in this case my music. I’ve bent more by Instagram I like, anyway all that amount Instagram ‘ll post on Twitter also means that I leave not abandoned all of these are very useful and important tools. The last gadget I bought was a wireless headset for sports. “

Felipe Bravo-@ PipeBrave


Superlitio vocalist prefer Snapseed photo application. “I’m no expert but I like to keep an eye on as possible of the latest advances in the field. Even sometimes I do not quite understand the capabilities of some “gadgets” but still try to read a little about “

“I like Twitter for immediacy and because it removes many intermediaries between the writer and the reader, reviews, news, culture, art and music. If you like to be aware of the alternative music movement in Latin America continue to recommend Red Bull Panamérika @ PANAMERIKA and if you have good sense of humor @ Dios_Padre . I love Snapseed a photo application that has parameters editing very well made, is very useful for editing photos and is very easy to use “

Karl Troller, shazam, kienyke

Karl Troller  @ Karltroller


“I’m a lover of technology, sometimes half-a raticos … as lovers. I am quite addicted to Twitter . When I have nothing to say, I prefer to keep quiet. I like on Twitter @ _carlosduque , @ TheOnion , @ nnguerrero @ Pirateque , @ nadiealcalde . As I like Zhazam applications to discover and download songs, Instagram , to upload and view photos, flash-light, to have flashlight at night. “

Julieth Restrepo @ Restrepojuliteh


“I’m not tech lover but as I know the topic and I’m finding the new tools implemented. I’m not addicted to Twitter but I do think it is a very useful means of communication and I have times when I am more aware of what happens there, and other times when I disconnect completely. My favorite app is Instagram , this universe of images from the people who still love me “

Siad Char @ siadchar

Hostess Entertainment News Caracol not considered addicted to Twitter and your favorite app is Instagram because distracted. His latest gadget an ipad .

 Patricia Bermudez @ LaBermudez


“Gradually I have become a lover of technology, more out of necessity than anything else. I still feel awkward means many things. I’m addicted to Twitter , because I like to get in touch with the people who follow me, and is a wonderful tool to spread my music, concerts, my messages. Prefer  @ shockcomco , because I like to be aware of what is happening in the music scene in Colombia, @ DanielSamperO because I love your opinion always full of truth and sarcasm, @ HollmanMorris it informs and reporting openly and @ WolfpackAlan simply because it makes me laugh. My favorite apps are GuitarToolkit, Instagram and Shazam ” 

GuitarToolkit is a tool with tuner, metronome and chord reference for this instrument.



With 388,624 followers, Juan Ricardo Lozano, ‘Alert’, is one of the tweeters active daily dose of humor. His favorite app is WhatsApp .

Celebrities and eccentric: the fashion of the “teeth” of gold

The “grills” are metal accessories for use on the teeth. There are thousands of ways, they can have up precious stones and are expensive. Newest trend in fashion that only the most flamboyant celebrities can use. View photo gallery and be amazed!  

The celebrities wear jewelry to ... In the teeth!

Photo: Web | The celebrities wear jewelry to … In the teeth!

  • Always fashionable, fun Madonna shows her teeth grills.
  • Miranda Ker used them for a parade.  But hers are real diamonds.
  • Jessica Simpson was dressed up with his teeth.
  • Rihanna's ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, gives the note with these grills a bit exaggerated.
  • Miley Cyrus with her gold fangs.
  • The singer Beyoncé admirably sharpened fangs decorating their lower teeth.
  • And obvious that Lady Gaga could not stay out of this fashion.
  • Justin Bieber always eccentric.  Will only gold or imitation?
  • Miley Cyrus and rare gem in your teeth.
  • Rihanna and grill shaped weapon.  Weird no??

In the fashion world goes for all the news up to and including having full hyper bright golden smiles. And if we look at who are those who use them, is that we are always talking about the same: Rihanna , Justin Bieber ,Madonna , Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are among the celebrities who joined in the new fashion of wearing jewelry in their teeth.

They are called “grills” and come from the culture of rap and hip hop. They adapt to the teeth of those who use them as they are made ​​by skilled jewelers as a specific mold. They are made ​​of silver, gold investments, and even even sometimes they are inlaid with precious stones that cost milion dollars. Began to be used in the 80s, but his current boom is due to some of the top worship showcase these eccentricities and walk through all events.

There are thousands of designs and styles. Most prefer ostentatious gold plated or gold teeth simulating possess fangs. But there are others who choose wildest shapes of weapons or encrusted with diamonds.

Dentists usually discouraged because it could hurt the enamel of the teeth. In addition, the metal would cause irritation and allergic reactions, and bacteria trapped under the material could cause any long term diseases.

Aesthetically they are not as beautiful as a diamond ring or a necklace of precious stones, jewelry would prefer a normal person. But it is true that every time Rihanna or Beyoncé up a photo to a social network with a “grill” in his teeth, the image instantly and cuasa viraliza furor, so they are already installed fashion.

It View photo gallery where we show the wildest celebrities posing with “grills” in their teeth!

Host Amazing Events With A New Brisbane Patio

Who doesnt want a break from the work? Who doesnt look forward to Fridays? Anybody who works hard during the week will find it hard concentrating on their work when they have a whole lot of fun to look forward to, and if it is in their own home, it doesn’t get any better. Most Australians want to host amazing events with a new vippatiobrisbane, and with the holidays just around the corner there is a lot to be done. With everything beautifully completed with a new patio, it is time to hit the good times. Living in Australia is all about taking advantage of the good weather and spending a lot of time outdoors, and with a new patio, everybody will be infected with the spirit of entertaining.

Your One-Stop Entertainment Area

You’ll certainly be spending less money on getaways as you spend more quality times with friends and family on your patio. When you call a reputable patio building company, they will offer you tips and advice on ways that you will be able to host amazing events on your patio. Apart from suggesting wonderful ideas for patio furniture, they will also make suggestions on what they can do for your patio, for example -

●games rooms and hot tubs
●dance floor
●outdoor dining
●a one-stop living and relaxing area, providing everything you need to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Indoor Leisure Activities Moved Outside

Just having an undercover, outdoor entertainment space will capture your imagination and inspire you to want to offer unparalleled hospitality around the events you host. The weather in Australia can be unpredictable, and the Aussies are the kind of people who won’t allow a rainstorm, heat wave or cold weather to dampen their spirits. With a built in fireplace, entertainment can be enjoyed throughout the year and the cheery flames will add to the atmosphere of any event.

Consider the humble barbecue. Today there are many new products devoted to outdoor living, and a simple barbecue is no longer wood, charcoal and a flame, today’s barbecues feature pizza ovens, rotisserie systems and highly attractive cast-iron work. If you want to think beyond the traditional barbecue for outdoor dining, you may want to consider a well appointed outdoor kitchen to host amazing events with your new patio. These outdoor kitchens will allow you to cook entire meals outside while allowing you to still interact with your guests.

Endless Ideas to Discover a Different Life Outdoors


There are a number of reasons why Australians choose a concrete patio floor instead of a wooden deck. A concrete floor is far easier to maintain than a wooden deck, which requires regular staining and sealing; but with the trendy stamps and engravings on the concrete, it becomes the perfect dancing floor. With a dance floor and fire place, your patio becomes a great place for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying quality times with friends and family.

Many Australians make use of a retractable roof to enclose a bar area on the patio. With a retractable roof, the bar becomes an indoor space with tables and chairs which are protection from the weather, but which becomes an outdoor space when the weather is good. Folding- or sliding doors offer indoor or outdoor options as you like and with colourful umbrellas and awning, quaint illumination systems and waterproof TVs, all the leisure activities once reserved for indoors can now be brought outside.

Far from the Maddening Crowd

If far from the maddening crowd is where you would like to be, then hosting exciting events right on your patio is the place for you. These idyllic outdoor spaces with their range of activities should keep even the most active families busy. With television, fridges with drinks, tea and coffee making facilities, barbecue facilities and outdoor dining, plus games on the go, you” always know that you are in the right place at the right time. What most casual loving Australians love is that with their own patios, it’s not necessary to gear up with fancy clothes and become all formal. With casual clothes and the right party mindset, these attributes will let you into a world of entertaining wonders.

Polo Polo

Nacido en 1944 en la Ciudad de México, Polo Polo ( Leopoldo García Peláez Benítez ) se convirtió en uno de los cómicos más conocidos de México, obteniendo los aficionados de todo el mundo por su estilo único de bromas adultos con temas. Comenzó sus aventuras cómicas en la década de 1970, y en 1976 se vendía a cabo espectáculos de forma regular. Su primer álbum, Viaje e España, llevó su talento a un público más amplio, y dio lugar a un contrato de grabación a largo plazo. Con los años,videos de Polo Polo ha publicado un gran número de álbumes, en su mayoría shows en vivo, así como una serie de best-de compilaciones. En 2008, Die richtige Einnahme von Kamagra Tabletten los dos volúmenes Las Caricaturas de Polo Polo apareció.