Applications preferred by celebrities

Instagram becomes the favorite social network famous Colombians. Compete with applications music, photography and fashion, a must in the  smartphones of artists, actors and presenters.

Monica Fonseca @ FonsecaMonica

MYHABIT, Instagram

Lover of gadgets and technology, with 590,537 followers on Twitter, Monica Fonseca confession of an addicted Instagram : “I love to see pictures and express myself through them and MYHABIT is my downfall. Skype and WhatsAppdefinitely. “

MYHABIT is an application for iPhone that provides free access to a wide selection of clothing known designers and clothing daily discounts on major brands.

Sebastian Yepes @ sebastianyepes

Shazam, Tuner and metro station free Loop

“I’m a lover of technology for music and tech lover in cars.  Twitter proves to be a great tool, it’s the things you do not why not existed longer. I remember in the beginning of my career, my way of communicating with fans through mails was now communicating with my fans is more fluid and fast “

“I always keep my phone in musical applications: Shazam to discover new musicians, and underground Tuner to tune the guitar and have the tempo of songs and Loop station free to overlay instruments and songwriting. The last gadget I bought was a launch pad for live music through a software called Ableton Live “

Mabel Lara @ MabellorenaLara


The newscaster Caracol considers Twitter fundamental to reporters today: “It is a wonderful tool interaction, allows the journalist to connect with people, know what they are talking about and what is the real agenda of the country. As a journalist I follow several means of international and national media, opinion leaders and one other star discovered in the network without participating in half or more are tipped off to be recognized that many of us. “

“My favorite app promotion is the model MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Ipadio serving both to record, edit and upload audio and video to record calls on iPhone . And right now I’m in the dynamics of devices and gadgets parenting and motherhood “

This application was reviewed by option to highlight their new video recording system on devices with Android .



With 643,381 followers, Maluma is one of the most active musicians in social networks. “In terms of technology I can not say I’m the most knowledgeable, the truth despite my age has not been my strength, but if I take advantage of it in these times where social networks are dominant and are a very useful tool important to promote anything, in this case my music. I’ve bent more by Instagram I like, anyway all that amount Instagram ‘ll post on Twitter also means that I leave not abandoned all of these are very useful and important tools. The last gadget I bought was a wireless headset for sports. “

Felipe Bravo-@ PipeBrave


Superlitio vocalist prefer Snapseed photo application. “I’m no expert but I like to keep an eye on as possible of the latest advances in the field. Even sometimes I do not quite understand the capabilities of some “gadgets” but still try to read a little about “

“I like Twitter for immediacy and because it removes many intermediaries between the writer and the reader, reviews, news, culture, art and music. If you like to be aware of the alternative music movement in Latin America continue to recommend Red Bull Panamérika @ PANAMERIKA and if you have good sense of humor @ Dios_Padre . I love Snapseed a photo application that has parameters editing very well made, is very useful for editing photos and is very easy to use “

Karl Troller, shazam, kienyke

Karl Troller  @ Karltroller


“I’m a lover of technology, sometimes half-a raticos … as lovers. I am quite addicted to Twitter . When I have nothing to say, I prefer to keep quiet. I like on Twitter @ _carlosduque , @ TheOnion , @ nnguerrero @ Pirateque , @ nadiealcalde . As I like Zhazam applications to discover and download songs, Instagram , to upload and view photos, flash-light, to have flashlight at night. “

Julieth Restrepo @ Restrepojuliteh


“I’m not tech lover but as I know the topic and I’m finding the new tools implemented. I’m not addicted to Twitter but I do think it is a very useful means of communication and I have times when I am more aware of what happens there, and other times when I disconnect completely. My favorite app is Instagram , this universe of images from the people who still love me “

Siad Char @ siadchar

Hostess Entertainment News Caracol not considered addicted to Twitter and your favorite app is Instagram because distracted. His latest gadget an ipad .

 Patricia Bermudez @ LaBermudez


“Gradually I have become a lover of technology, more out of necessity than anything else. I still feel awkward means many things. I’m addicted to Twitter , because I like to get in touch with the people who follow me, and is a wonderful tool to spread my music, concerts, my messages. Prefer  @ shockcomco , because I like to be aware of what is happening in the music scene in Colombia, @ DanielSamperO because I love your opinion always full of truth and sarcasm, @ HollmanMorris it informs and reporting openly and @ WolfpackAlan simply because it makes me laugh. My favorite apps are GuitarToolkit, Instagram and Shazam ” 

GuitarToolkit is a tool with tuner, metronome and chord reference for this instrument.



With 388,624 followers, Juan Ricardo Lozano, ‘Alert’, is one of the tweeters active daily dose of humor. His favorite app is WhatsApp .

Celebrities and eccentric: the fashion of the “teeth” of gold

The “grills” are metal accessories for use on the teeth. There are thousands of ways, they can have up precious stones and are expensive. Newest trend in fashion that only the most flamboyant celebrities can use. View photo gallery and be amazed!  

The celebrities wear jewelry to ... In the teeth!

Photo: Web | The celebrities wear jewelry to … In the teeth!

  • Always fashionable, fun Madonna shows her teeth grills.
  • Miranda Ker used them for a parade.  But hers are real diamonds.
  • Jessica Simpson was dressed up with his teeth.
  • Rihanna's ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, gives the note with these grills a bit exaggerated.
  • Miley Cyrus with her gold fangs.
  • The singer Beyoncé admirably sharpened fangs decorating their lower teeth.
  • And obvious that Lady Gaga could not stay out of this fashion.
  • Justin Bieber always eccentric.  Will only gold or imitation?
  • Miley Cyrus and rare gem in your teeth.
  • Rihanna and grill shaped weapon.  Weird no??

In the fashion world goes for all the news up to and including having full hyper bright golden smiles. And if we look at who are those who use them, is that we are always talking about the same: Rihanna , Justin Bieber ,Madonna , Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are among the celebrities who joined in the new fashion of wearing jewelry in their teeth.

They are called “grills” and come from the culture of rap and hip hop. They adapt to the teeth of those who use them as they are made ​​by skilled jewelers as a specific mold. They are made ​​of silver, gold investments, and even even sometimes they are inlaid with precious stones that cost milion dollars. Began to be used in the 80s, but his current boom is due to some of the top worship showcase these eccentricities and walk through all events.

There are thousands of designs and styles. Most prefer ostentatious gold plated or gold teeth simulating possess fangs. But there are others who choose wildest shapes of weapons or encrusted with diamonds.

Dentists usually discouraged because it could hurt the enamel of the teeth. In addition, the metal would cause irritation and allergic reactions, and bacteria trapped under the material could cause any long term diseases.

Aesthetically they are not as beautiful as a diamond ring or a necklace of precious stones, jewelry would prefer a normal person. But it is true that every time Rihanna or Beyoncé up a photo to a social network with a “grill” in his teeth, the image instantly and cuasa viraliza furor, so they are already installed fashion.

It View photo gallery where we show the wildest celebrities posing with “grills” in their teeth!